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The SU-16 is a gas operated, self-loading rifle in .223 Remington caliber. Several unique features make the SU-16 a versatile sporting firearm.

An integrated Picatinny rail for mounting different sight systems.

The forend folds down to form a bipod for increased accuracy.

The stock can store spare magazines. Two 10 rounds clips or one 20 or 30 rounds.

The stock and trigger mechanism can be folded forward for added safety and to facilitate secure storage or carry under extreme conditions.

The SU-16 has  a conventional gas piston operation and utilizes the proven M-16 breech locking system. It is compatible with standard M-16 magazines. The reciprocating bolt handle and magazine catch are on the right side, while the push bolt safety can be changed to work from either side.

Except for barrel, bolt and mechanism the SU-16 is made entirely of high impact  reinforced polymer.

Bullet is in the chamber, hammer is cocked, gun is ready to fire.

Trigger is pulled, hammer hits the firing pin, bullet fires.

Once the bullet passes the gas block, the high pressure gases pressurize the cylinder pushing the piston and bolt carrier back, bolt unlocks, carrier continues to move backwards cocking the hammer and ejecting the empty case.

Caliber : .223 Rem 5.56mm
Weight unloaded : 5.0lbs. 2.3kg
Length Open : 37.4" 950.0mm
Length Closed : 26.4" 670.6mm
Barrel Length : 18.5" 470.1mm *
Magazin Capacity : 10 rounds 10 rounds
Barrel Diameter: 3/4" to 5/8" 19.1mm to 15.9mm
Twist : 1:9" 1:228.6mm
Bolt Travel : 4.1" 104mm
Trigger Pull : 5lbs to 7lbs 22.2N to 31.1N
Barrel Weight : 26.1oz 738.8g

* Barrel Length measured from breach to muzzle


Description Price
SU-16A $ 665.00